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Photos  /  Paula Ziegler

Production  / M. Eugenia Ibarra

Hair and Makeup  / Maida Cardemil

Model  / Lindsay Shand * Elite Models


Ligature has various meanings that point to the bond that unites various things or materials, and in this collection the term is developed in the sense of a cord that strongly unites two parts and also the curved line that unites two or more notes. musicals.


The concept is born from the fusion of two or more ligaments, and takes stick knitting as a structure where the union of yarns is developed and braids are made, as a type of pattern created from interweaving several flexible and docile yarns. that stand out for their relief and color. A trimming embroidery has also been developed, which joins two ropes, to be applied to flat fabric garments as the leitmotif of the collection.


The fabrics and textures designed create routes in the body in a geometric way, and contours through color, translating into curved rhythms, structures and thicknesses. In addition, the Ligature weave has been applied in printed patterns on flat and knitted fabrics, to reveal the structural mesh that was created from a Mayan loom weave.

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