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Art Direction  / Nicolás Montenegro

Photos  /  Loreto Gibert * Faith Study

Production  / M.Eugenia Ibarra

Hair and Makeup  / Marcelo Bhanu

Model  / Jessica Lamin * New Models

Production Assistant  / Pamela Klapp



Fractal is a geometric figure whose basic structure, fragmented or irregular, is repeated at different scales. It is found in nature, and in this collection it is shown as repetitions and ramifications in a variety of shapes and textures, whether cut, embroidered or woven. In this way, the designs are transformed into reliefs of fractal shapes that remind us of some elements of nature such as flakes, spirals and triangles, scaled and balanced.

Fractal nature v/s textile geometry


Mushrooms / Flakes in raised relief

In Utero/ Triangles

Hourglass (Fractal Time) / Reflected Geometry

Fiber branching (DNA) / Cord twist, trimmings

Hippocampus (memory) / spiral


The pieces appear in a conscious process, a kind of active meditation, of acting on knowledge where each act builds not only a garment but a way of relating in a certain context. In this way, when we talk about sustainability, we not only refer to the material aspects that this concept entails, but also to the understanding that this process harbors.
This is how the garments arise from the understanding of the material, from its possibilities, from the contemplation of the process and the understanding that this reflexive act produces. The pieces are woven at the same time that reality is braided like a geometric object, therefore, each element, initially fragmented, is constituted as a whole, a fractal image of those relationships, which in time and space space, set the materials.


It is then in this reflective process of understanding and observation that wool appears for coats, capes and some lower parts. The craftsmanship in many of the creations allows the emergence of 100% sheep wool and other alpaca wool fabrics, which once again evoke the context in which everything has been emerging.
The color chart is based on melange gray where two neutral tones are combined, which enriches the support giving greater depth to the base that structures them. The rest of the palette is harmoniously mixed within the tones, predominantly peach pink, terracotta, burgundy, as well as greenish tones.


Gender Clothing in this collection invites us not only to experience a new way of dressing, but also to understand that those formal results are the product of a thoughtful process.

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