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Photos  /  Loreto Gibert

Production  / María Eugenia Ibarra

Hair and Makeup  / Pati Calfio

Model  / Drielle (Rebel-management.Chile)

Styling  / Catalina Bustos

Photography Assistant  / Esteban Vargas


This collection brings together a line of vests completely hand-woven by expert artisans from Valle Hermoso (V Region), using natural yarns (100% organic wool) applied in different combinations from the most basic to the most complex. There are also other fabrics with figurative Jacquard application, a technique that was widely used in the fabrics of the 70s where animal shapes predominate. The animals that best represent this collection y  that were characteristic are three: fox, owl and rabbit.  They are animals that have the same peculiarity of always being in a state of vigil or alert and on the other hand they are introspective  something that is given more to experience in the winter. On the other hand, a "distinction" was applied in the collection, which is a fox, extracted from one of the illustrations by Catalina Bustos (, which was embroidered on flat fabric for coats and capes_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ generating a playful and textile collection.


  “Recognizing the Power Animal  that we carry within us opens up a new world full of possibilities, they are there waiting for us, to be our guides and teachers, and They speak to us, only sometimes we don't listen to them.


  The colors that best define the collection are red and green; complementary colors. The color red is full of energy and is vitalizing (wakefulness and alertness) unlike the color green, which is a color that leads to relaxation and fluidity. (introspection). Symbolically, red is interpreted by blood and green is the chlorophyll of plants.  Also in this collection are neutral colors such as; black, ecru and beige.


  Gender Clothes belong to the Slow Movement, finding in the design the value of the Handmade and of national origin.

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