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The GENDER CLOTHING (RDG) collections are getting closer, every day, to the craftsmanship. Skillful weaving hands show examples of textile pieces that are unique. This is the case of SURCO, the new RDG proposal. The person behind this project is its creator, María Eugenia Ibarra, who explains the meaning of the name of the collection as follows: 


“FURROW is the signal or prolonged indentation left by one thing passing through the other. I decided to take that name because of its meaning in relation to the work that is done in the field, in the work of preparing the land and giving channels that channel a destination for the passage of water to a creation.”


On the other hand, the word was divided into two:


“SOUTH”, a concept that refers to our land, our roots and our region, and “CO”, which comes from co-laboration, co-creation, the collective, the co-nexions._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


And it is precisely here where it is necessary to stop. The work that RDG has been doing for several years with different artisans from the area is unique and constant. A close collaboration with other creators through which the brand's founder herself has become an artisan. 


Although today there is no absolute consensus on whether the work between designers and artisans is a collaboration or a co-creation, the truth is that there is an important and close joint work in which this thin line that separates both terms is diluted and makes the creative process and the results unique. Many times it is no longer possible to speak of artisans and designers, since both become true cultivators of a trade. This is the case of RDG, a brand that shows pieces of pure craftsmanship in the vast majority of its proposals. 


In the words of Eugenia Ibarra, “each vest made by ROPA DE GÉNERO is the result of a constant search for raw materials of natural origin such as merino wool, baby alpaca, cotton, linen, mohair, among others. Behind the development of each one of the pieces there is a team made up of women specialists in the craft of weaving, in addition to the creator of the brand, who guides and transmits her creativity in each fabric and a visual artist who provides support with the colors and The compositions. This team is responsible for each garment being unique to its owner”.


This is how weavings are the network that connects the territory with the co-creation or collaboration of a group of artisans from the Fifth, Sixth and Metropolitan regions, which grows more every day and through which the same route that connects fabrics and handmade applications. Part of the memory is rescued in local handcrafted textiles and traditional knitting, as a footprint, a trace, which germinates in contemporary designs full of texture, color and poetry. 


The designer concludes that “our creations are made with dedication, channeling all our creative energy into each one of them through a great GROOVES”.

Text / Francisca Jimenez

Photos /  Paula Ziegler

Styling  / M. Eugenia Ibarra and Pía Carrasco 

Hair & Make Up  / Poli Picó


Photo Assistant / Constanza Almuna

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