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Photos  /  Diego Galáz

Production  / M. Eugenia Ibarra

Hair and Makeup  / Bernardita Silva

Model  / Marina Fiatconski * WeLoves Models

Production Assistant  / Geraldine Doussolin



Text: Francisca Jimenez


Leaves are the center of the new Gender Clothing collection. This time, the designer María Eugenia Ibarra presents us with a work inspired by nature and the environment. It is a theme that the author has dealt with in previous creations with subtlety and passion, as happened with Photosynthesis, the AW 2016 collection. a recycling of shapes, colors, textures and ideas is observed in a completely new and current garment, which in turn shapes stories that have been collected piece by piece. In this proposal, texture is clearly the protagonist. How is this appreciated? Through hand-made fabrics and small handcrafted details that give color and enhance the surface structures.


The creations reflect the delicate feminine work behind this collection. There is a common thread between the observation of the veins of the leaves, the photosynthesis process of the plants and the relationship of women with the raw materials of the territory where they live. The designer works this proposal from the knowledge of local knowledge and the environment that surrounds the feminine universe.


Inspired by nature and the processes that determine the way living beings and the living world are structured, the choice of colors follows that line. Green is the protagonist of the proposal that is combined with other earth colors such as beige, terracotta, yellow and light blue that represent the sky and the habitat of plants. The idea is that the ribs are the arteries, the veins through which the engine that gives them life circulates and bombards and that also welcomes their living beings.


On the other hand, the designer created a serigraphic textile carrier pigeon, which hides in a leaf and transmits a textile message. The bird in its habitat is related to its environment, the leaf welcomes it and gives it shelter to create and go out to transmit the message.


Under the concept of slow and conscious fashion, the central research of Gender Clothing is situated in the creative possibilities of the textile language and claims the value of artisanal clothing while promoting the development of the region. His procedures are varied, he creates new fabrics through superpositions, union or insertion of materials and techniques of different origins.


With all this, Gender Clothing surprises once again by capturing a subtle and delicate universe in the garments that it presents in Nervaduras.



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