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Photos  /  Daniel Gil

Production  / M. Eugenia Ibarra

Hair and Makeup  / Yani Urbina

Model  / Chris Frohlich

Photography Assistant  / Alejandra Aguila


Not everything disappears, there are underlying lines where traces of fabrics and patterns are preserved that are recycled to create new ones. The fabrics and color palette chosen are faded tones and have a worn and worn appearance. The gray color is what remains, like an eraser that leaves some traces and where those that have already disappeared are transformed. There, there remains a registered imprint and signs of the brand, which speak of its history and internal nature. The use of noble materials, such as linen and cotton; the artisan work of fabrics that go in gradient, of worn tones and soft colors; yarns in different densities and thicknesses, which are intertwined by means of loose and variegated stitches; In addition to the use of drapey fabrics, this is what shapes this new collection and its fragile existence. All this has been built under spontaneity and creativity, configuring a series of "dresses" in flat fabrics and knitted fabrics, which recapitulate indeterminate and unpredictable actions of the female silhouette.


The eraser is the reference in this collection, which refers to childhood, as it bears marks and fingerprints that it collects from thousands of designed stories, keeping fragments of it, which restore its existence through what it expresses and communicates.

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