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Photos  /  Paola Velásquez

Production  / M.Eugenia Ibarra

Hair and Makeup  / Raúl Flores

Model  / Rieke * WeLoveModels

Production Assistant  / Pamela Klapp

The bees and their fragile existence coexist with us in a reconstructed environment, the honeycomb as a constructive element is housed in spaces that replicate those that were once natural.


This collection arises from the observation of this environment, which stops at the formal elements that accompany them. This is how elements arise that will be a reference for the creation of the garments. At first glance, different cubes of painted colors appear that, with the passage of time and inclement weather, have been eroded in some sectors, generating more faded colors.


The element to discover is the painted wooden box that draws the attention of the bees, necessary for the creation of the honeycomb. This and its hexagonal shapes allow the relationship between the different elements and the construction of large spaces and territories in a resistant way. And finally the bees with their zigzagging paths and determination to generate change in nature.


For this collection there is a search for the color of the paint that covers the wood and identifies the hives, bright and full of energy colors that with the use and passage of time become pale and pastel tones such as: mint, pink, light blue. , yellow, which in this case are mixed in disagreement with colors such as plum, violet, peach, black, navy blue, generating new unconventional combinations.


The garments have been cut in flat linen and cotton fabrics, taking geometry and hexagonal cuts in relation to the body, determined by fractals of nature, shapes that are repeated in scales and gradients, in textures, stripes and dots. Lattices are joined through juxtaposition of biases and old ribbons, which manipulate the contours and the unions of color.


What is always present and that characterizes the line of the brand's designs, are the handcrafted fabrics in 100% cotton thread, ranging from colored stripes, geometries, jacquard and textured that generate a honeycomb.


The collection has natural leather accessories that are immersed in a bath of silk threads that go in pastel tones.


*Gender Clothes belong to the Slow Movement, finding in the design the setting
in value of what is Handmade and of national origin.

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