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Production  / M.Eugenia Ibarra

Hair and Makeup  / Raúl Flores

Model  / Gabriela Dallagnol (Elite)

Production Assistant  / María Ignacia Goycoolea


From an illuminated and relaxed line to another more elegant and mysterious. That is the step that exists between the two lines that the design brand, Gender Clothing, presents this spring-summer season, and that surprises us with a seventies aesthetic and also tribal (soiux), new cuts and the reuse of nationally manufactured supplies. .


In the first line of this collection, noble fabrics such as linen, viscose and mercerized cotton thread fabrics were worked on. As for the applications, geometric embroidery inspired by the abstract painting of the 70s where color and symmetry predominated were made.

Finally, and to give ease and relaxation to this first proposal, we also opted for low necklines on the back, leaving the shoulder blades elegantly visible. To this is added a palette of warm and bright colors that complement perfectly with the design line.


The second line of the collection is a mix between sophistication and streetwear, it stands out for the use of fabrics such as gauze, silk and applications of beads and old buttons with gold details. The black color is the protagonist in conjunction with contrasting shades such as fuchsia, green and turquoise.
It is important to highlight that in both lines the inputs used were recycled from past times. One of them was the Chilean-made silk thread and they are in different colors. “The “thread” runs through a series of consecutive and almost equal stitches by means of stitches made by hand, so that they are joined together. These stitches frame upper front and back cuts and necklines.

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