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Photos  /  Gabriel Ebensperger

Production  / M.Eugenia Ibarra

Hair and Makeup  / Kathy Orthmann

Model  / Anika (Wo/Man)

Production Assistant  / Marcela Cresta


In each collection, Gender Clothing is characterized by carrying out a work of textures and/or application through ornament or creating new textiles, to which is added this time the use of vintage fabrics and supplies. These two sources can be read as conflicting languages, but today we have the freedom to do so. Finally, what merges is the recycling work, the colors and shapes. The idea is to create a link between the past and the present, taking something historical to reinvent it today.


The concept of the new collection is based on the search for old or "vintage" fabrics and supplies; fabrics, ribbons and buttons discovered in forgotten textile warehouses and cordoneries. The name PANAL is the logo of a company that existed the year of my birth (1976), called Panamericana de Algodones.


The rediscovered fabrics are the so-called bambula and amorella silk, flat fabrics printed with designs and colors of summer, boats and flowers.


The collection merges and contrasts with garments in knitted fabrics, which have a textured application: by working with holes in a cotton jersey with neutral colored lycra, the surface is intervened with the waste (fabric leftovers) applied as wicks of various colors, creating a new textile pattern. It could be said that it is a job similar to that of a “worker bee” around its hive.

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