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Photos  /  Sergio Lopez

Production  / M. Eugenia Ibarra

Hair and Makeup  / Kathy Orthmann

Model  / María José Contreras


Rarely do you have the opportunity to "see the green ray" This ray can be observed by following the sun as it sets on the horizon of the sea, until the upper part of the disc disappears, touching the horizon line. It's a very elusive and rare ray, but it's real. It occurs at the precise moment when the king of stars casts its last light, as long as the sky is completely clear and transparent. 


This atmospheric phenomenon led Jules Verne to write The Green Ray, a novel starring a young woman who embarks on a series of trips in search of the "Green Ray", to make the legend come true that ensures that whoever manages to see it will never make a mistake. in choosing a partner and she will know how to clearly understand her heart and that of other people... And although she will never get to see the magical lightning, she will finally find the love of her life.


These literary lines serve to delve into one of the most elusive phenomena known and around which legends, myths, dreams and fantasies have grown.


I have taken the work of Jules Verne as a source of inspiration for this collection, working on the basis of color and its fractions to appear and disappear, creating gradients and harmony in their mixtures, going through different colors of equal intensity and giving them softness in their combinations without great contrasts. The predominant colors are: yellow, green, blue and a lot of violet. Neutral colors, such as black and white, are also part of the collection, as metaphors for the contrast between day and night.


The icon color that has always represented the brand is green, which is why it is found in certain garments to raise the chromatic range used, as sparkles that illuminate and bombard the "heart" of this collection.


The phenomenon of "The Green Ray" occurs when the Sun approaches the horizon and the colors of its disc are separated into violet, blue and green, but since the first two are scattered by the atmosphere, only green remains for a fraction of seconds.


The material used is made up of knitted and flat fabrics, all light, in chiffon, viscose, linen and cotton. The flat fabric that predominates is a fabric with large squares, Scottish, in different colors. The squares are woven together giving an iridescent effect and generating a textile gradient.


The forms that I have worked on are feminine, with romantic endings and details such as lace, gathers, embroidery and braids. These details are contrasted with the pictures of the fabrics, making them less naïve. The shapes range from subtle volumes to some gathered at the waist or the lower part of the bust.


Everything results in a perfect mix between beach and city.

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