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Photos  /  Daniel Gil

Stylist  / M. Eugenia Ibarra

Hair and Make up  / Bernardita Silva

Model  / Kelin Uess *WLM

Stylist assistant / Mail Losada and Catalina Salgado

The latest collection, TRAPPIST 1, presents the recycling of shapes, colors, textures and ideas in a completely new and current garment, holding at the same time the importance of the stories it has captured in its pieces. Texture prevails, this can be

appreciated in the warmth of handmade weaves and tiny artisan details which color and highlight the surface structure.

The breaking news of a solar system made up by seven planets, all similar to Earth, is what has inspired this collection. These planets revolve around their sun in tight orbits complemented by rotation around their axes, constantly exposing one face receiving the warmth of the sun and the other in darkness.

The designer works with shadowplay, brightness and darkness in the color palette apart from geometrical cuts and circular morphologies relieving its textile load with diverse applications and manufactures.

The current "TRAPPIST I" collection presents a recycling of shapes, colors, textures e ideas in a completely new and current garment, which in turn has all the weight of historias that has been taking to pieces. The texture is the protagonist, which can appreciate in the warmth that it carefully exhibits through the fabrics handmade and small handcrafted details that color and highlight them_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_surface structure. 


The recent announcement of a solar system with seven planets similar to Earth is lo inspiring his new collection, these planets rotate in very tight orbits around their sun, which they are completed in a single rotation on their axis, that is they always show the same face that constantly receives heat from the star,

while the other lives in the dark. The designer works with the play of light y shadow, brightness and darkness in her color palette, in addition to composing with geometry in her cuts, taking the circular and enveloping in some morphologies, highlighting its textile load with its multiple applications and manufactures.

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