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Photos  /  Paola Velásquez

Production  / M.Eugenia Ibarra

Hair and Makeup  / Pati Calfio

Model  / Gabriela (Wo/Man)


Insomnia. Subjective complaints of difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep or due to poor quality of sleep.


Color. Part of the light spectrum and, finally, vibrational energy. This affects the human being in a different way, depending on its wavelength (color in particular), producing different sensations that we are not normally aware of.


Chromotherapy is the science that is responsible for using color as a method of healing, in certain physical illnesses or emotional disorders. That is to say that, thanks to color, we can obtain calm, balance or excitement, at a given moment.


The green color has never been absent in Gender Clothing, since it is part of its definition. Chromotherapy uses it as a calming in patients suffering from insomnia, because it helps combat lack of sleep. This collection integrates it once again in brushstrokes and details in the applications, in its different stages.


The collection is based on COLOR. The first part (the choleric) begins with a palette of strong and vibrant colors, which leaves the sensation of something choleric that does not want to rest, revolutionized by continuing to function both day and night, producing an Insomnia that cannot be stopped. This stage stops at the color and revolves around it, until the interior lighting arrives.


This part of the collection is developed with old patterned fabrics, mixed with plain fabrics in strong colors.


The second part (the transition). Garments in shades of pastel and illuminated colors, made in knitted fabrics, and flat in cotton. We know that the color white results from the superposition of colors. Technically this phenomenon is called "superposition of light colors".


This stage can be interpreted as that after so much color comes lighting and the need to be blank, surrounded by passive and luminous colors such as pastels, related to the need to fall asleep.


At this point the garments of the collection come in in pastel tones and bright colors, on flat and soft fabrics, made of cotton with viscose.




In the third and final part (sleeping), we know that black is the absence of color. Finally, the collection enters a silence, finds sleep and black is integrated with small details of primary colors. Black is a winter color that cannot be absent, since it leads us to silence, to turn off the color light, to sleep and to winter.

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